Easy Chicken Parmesan Wraps

This Recipe Is: • Ready in 30 Minutes or Less • Freezable • Make Ahead •

These Easy Chicken Parmesan Wraps are a super-fast 15-minute meal! You can even make them completely ahead – and they’re freezable, too! Perfect for grab-n-go eating on the run! All the cheesy, saucy, comforting flavors of your favorite chicken parmesan casserole … yet so quick and simple! ~
*(A little disclaimer here …) We partnered with Flatout for this sponsored post, and we’ve been compensated for our time in working with their products, however all opinions are entirely our own. Thanks so much for supporting brands that support Two Healthy Kitchens and our mission of healthy eating!

Let’s all channel our inner third-grader and remember how we loved learning about adjectives. Because what’s better than a fun, little, unexpected, impromptu, (whoa – four adjectives right there!) grammar lesson? Right?!?! Yay, grammar!

Oh come on! Stop groaning and think … adjectives. Think … Chicken Parmesan adjectives. What comes to mind?

Maybe Ooey-Gooey, Cheesy Chicken Parmesan? (Good job!)
Or Saucy Chicken Parmesan …
Comforting Chicken Parmesan …
Baked Chicken Parmesan Casserole …
Now you’ve got it!

So how about: On-the-go Chicken Parmesan, Make-ahead Chicken Parmesan, Hand-held Chicken Parmesan, 15-minute Chicken Parmesan? Whoa – hold up there! Say what??? That’s crazy talk!

When did an ooey-gooey, saucy, cheesy Chicken Parmesan Casserole become a 15-minute, hand-held, on-the-go, make-ahead recipe?!?!?

Today, friends. Today!
Not only do you get a free grammar lesson, but you also get a revolutionized, new-and-improved, perfect-for-busy-people version of Chicken Parm (with all the adjectives I can think of to throw at you along the way)!
Stir the dry seasonings into the shredded chicken first, so they’re evenly distributed. Then stir in the sauce and fresh basil. Boom! We’re not kidding about 15-minute prep time here! Next, you just sprinkle on some cheese and spread your chicken on top before folding the whole thing up and giving it a quick sear. It’s just that easy!

These have all the best parts of a chicken parmesan casserole – the comforting Italian spices, zesty marinara, fresh basil, and melty cheese – wrapped up into one perfect meal!

To create this no-brainer, slam-dunk meal solution (did you see how I worked in a couple more compound adjectives on ya there?), we teamed up with Flatout Bread, as part of their #FlatoutIsMyCanvas campaign. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner – whether you’re sitting down as a family or grabbing an in-your-hand-and-out-the-door, keep-ya-full meal on the way to soccer practice.

So versatile!

Stir Up the Filling Ahead – You can shred your chicken and mix in the spices and marinara up to a day ahead, then cover and refrigerate your filling. I’d recommend not chopping and stirring in that gorgeous fresh basil until an hour or two ahead at most, but it won’t be the end of the world if you ignore me on that – your basil just won’t look as bright green and perky.
Stuff and Fold, Too! – If you’ve got the time, you can go even further, filling and folding your wraps ahead, too – again, up to about a day in advance. They keep perfectly in the fridge until you’re ready to pop them in the pan for that quick last-minute sear before serving. Here’s a no-fail way to fold ’em up so they seal tightly:

With the right folding technique, all the cheesy-saucy wonderfulness is tucked safely inside the wrap, then seared tightly closed. Chicken Parmesan that’s practically mess-free! No kidding! Simply fold in the short ends first, then the sides, so all the filling in enclosed. Once they’re seared in a skillet, they’ll be tightly sealed shut!
Sear and Freeze (or Refrigerate) for Grab-n-Go – Wanna finish these completely – even searing them up – so you can take them for lunch or keep them on hand for grab-and-go meals? No problem! Just make these allllll the way through, including searing them in the pan. Wrap them individually and store them for up to a couple of days in the fridge or a couple of months in the freezer. Then, reheat as needed! That wonderfully seared exterior won’t be quite as crispy-crunchy when you reheat these in the microwave, but it’s almost as good. And this strategy makes for a stellar grab-and-go meal, full of lean protein and all those awesome whole grains from the Flatout Flatbreads!


You might think that, if you’re making these in advance … you can save five minutes and skip the searing step. Don’t do it! You know we’re all about saving steps at THK whenever possible, but this step is too important to skip, for two reasons.

First, although these will lose some of the crispiness if you sear them ahead and then refrigerate or freeze them for later, that searing step still creates a toastier flavor and a crunchier exterior that’s a better counterpoint to the soft, gooey, melty chicken and cheese inside.

Plus, when you sear these, they magically seal closed, so the warm, cheesy filling doesn’t come cascading out all over your lap as you scarf lunch at your desk, or all over the back of your minivan as your son wolfs one down on the way to lacrosse practice.

Trust me … don’t skip the sear!

Pick Your Flavor and Stock Up – For this recipe, we love The Light Italian Herb Flatout … because, well, Italian … and Herb. I mean, if those adjectives don’t scream “serve me as a Chicken Parm Wrap!” then I’m not really sure what does. But hey, feel free to go all renegade on us and pick any Flatout flavor that strikes your fancy. We originally tested this with the Multigrain Flatout with Flax variety, which worked just fine, too. (But really … Italian … Herb … just sayin’.) And Flatouts freeze great, so grab extra when you see a sale and chuck them straight in the freezer until you need them. They defrost in a jiffy!

Easy Chicken – Two words here: Rotisserie. Chicken. As easy as easy gets. If you happen to be grilling or poaching chicken, though, you can always plan ahead for these wraps, and cook extra chicken to shred for the filling. Otherwise, rotisserie chicken is a true lifesaver. I’ve embraced the rotisserie idea with wild abandon … and highly encourage you to do the same. Time savings galore!

To see how these scrumptious wraps come together (in a flash!) … check out our quick video below, or (if you’re having trouble loading this on our mobile site) click HERE to watch it on YouTube 

So, what have we learned about adjectives today? That saucy, comforting, ooey-gooey-cheesy Chicken Parmesan can also be on-the-go, make-ahead, crazy-easy Chicken Parmesan Wraps!
And really, I’d say that’s about as deliciously fun as a grammar lesson can get!

Class dismissed!
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~ by Shelley

Easy Chicken Parmesan Wraps
Shopping List
• Ready in 30 Minutes or Less • Freezable • Make Ahead •
Prep Time
10 min.
Cook Time
3-4 min.
Total Time
10 minutes
Four wraps

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3 cups roughly shredded, cooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts (see note)
1 1/2 teaspoons Italian seasoning (make sure yours is a salt-free blend)
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/8 teaspoon black pepper
1 cup your favorite marinara sauce
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh basil
4 Flatout breads (we used Light Italian Herb)
1 cup shredded, reduced-fat Italian cheese blend
Additional marinara sauce, warmed for dipping, if desired

1. Place shredded chicken in a medium bowl. Add Italian seasoning, salt, and black pepper, and stir well to combine.
2. Add marinara sauce and basil to chicken mixture, and stir to combine again.
3. Optional: If you want your filling piping hot, you can microwave the chicken mixture at this point for about 60-90 seconds. (Even if you choose to skip this, your filling should still be pleasantly heated after the wraps are seared in the skillet in step 7. If you are prepping these as make-aheads, skip this optional step.)
4. Lay 1 Flatout flatbread on work surface, and sprinkle ¼ cup of cheese down the center, leaving a large border all around the cheese. Spread ¼ of the chicken mixture (about a heaping ½ cup) on top of the cheese.
5. Fold short ends of Flatout inward toward middle, and then fold long sides of Flatout inward toward middle, making a closed wrap.
6. Repeat with the remaining 3 Flatout flatbreads, dividing the remaining cheese and the remaining chicken mixture evenly among them.
7. Preheat a dry nonstick skillet over medium heat. Once preheated, add the wraps and cook on the first side until golden brown, about 1 ½ - 2 minutes. Flip wraps and cook on second side until golden, about another 1½ minutes.
8. Serve with additional marinara sauce for dipping.

Recipe Notes

Chicken: Nearly any boneless, skinless chicken breasts will work in this recipe, as long as they’re not overly flavorful from spices or marinades. Store-bought rotisserie chicken is a quick and easy option, or you can plan on cooking a couple of extra chicken breasts whenever you’re making chicken, so you have extra cooked chicken for this recipe without any extra work.

Make-ahead options: (1) As we detailed in the post, you can mix together the chicken filling up to a day ahead (although it's best, if possible, to wait until the last minute to chop and stir in the basil). Store the filling, covered, in the refrigerator until continuing. (2) You can also go further in the process and add the prepared chicken mixture and the cheese to the Flatout flatbreads, and then fold the wraps and store, individually wrapped in the refrigerator, for about a day before searing and serving. (3) Lastly, you can make these entirely, including searing them in the skillet, and then store them individually in the refrigerator (for up to about 2 days) or the freezer (for a couple of months). Briefly reheat in the microwave before serving.

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